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2007-08-03 14:26:25 by Boguzman

As you may have heard, I'm making a Metroid Fusion flash remake. I've searched and this seems to be the only one that's up-and-coming.
It's expected playtime is going to be at least a couple of hours, although replay-ability is built in, plus item collection.
I'll post progress here, just wondering what you people thought of this?

EDIT 1 - Oh darn. It's harder than I thought it would be. Made most of the character, just to sort out jumping...and my secret personal update to her suit (new feature) That's gonna take a while.
Worst of all, Metroid Fusion SFX are non-existent, unless anyone can Limewire them for me or something?
Anyhow, it's still a long way off. AND I now know that I can't get it sponsored, which is a total pain and has disheartened me a bit. But I may be more inclined to progress if I have some support. Come on people!


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2007-08-09 11:03:22

awesome! that should do well, metroid fusion was an awesome game, and if it's just like the game, this game should do real well. sweet! can't wait to see it in the portal :D

Boguzman responds:

Yeh, I figured that this kind of game might go down well. Research tells me that this scale Metroid hasn't been attempted before so I thought i'd give it a shot. I can see why now though, read EDIT 1.


2007-08-13 12:41:59

aww, i know it will be tough, but we still have faith in you! :3


2008-06-15 17:12:20

Ooh! I'm quite exited!
I hope it'll be as good as your mousey game! =D
Nah I'm joking... I hope it is WAAAY!!! better than the mouse game! I gotta admit you're a good animmator but please may you tell me some of the codes for Mac Flash!

Keeping it real 'bruv!!

Boguzman responds:

Thanks Seb. If I ever get around to starting making it again I will. I can give you the flash files for the games if you want as long as you don't post them on newgrounds :P


2008-06-29 07:55:56

Hey Ben, it's me, Seb.
I just tried your mouse maddness game and i just realized something. If you watch the intro and click "Skip to game", the intro music still plays while the levels music is playing. So maybe on the frame where you go to the level itself you could use the code: stopAllSounds();.
Hope that helped!

Boguzman responds:

I know that. stopAllSounds(); would just stop everything though and I don't want to do that. A better thing to do is use stopSound("name of loaded sound clip") ; as far as i remember.
Anywho thanks for the advice. I knew of the problem before just having bothered to change it. Now where is that file...